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School previously attended with period in each Name of School Standard Date of admission Date of leaving
Does the candidate belong to the Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribes or other backward communities or is he/she a convert from Scheduled Caste or Scheduled tribes Yes No
Standard to which to admission is sought (in words)
No. and date of Transfer Certificate
ldentification Marks
Date of Admission
List of Certificates to be attached (Birth Certificate, TC and Report Card)(.jpeg file only)


Father's / Mothrer's Details
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Local Guardian
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Blood Group
Allergy Asthma
Diabetes Epilepsy
Urinary Disorder Hearing Problem
Heart Disorder Skin Problems
Other Medical Problem Is Your child taking any Medication?
Has your child had chickenpox? Has your child had measles?
Does your child have a positive family history of Diabetes? Previous Surgical operations?

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