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In the Primary Section, in addition to the three languages, Mathematics and EVS are taught in the 1 st and 2 nd standards whereas Mathematics, Science and Social Science in all other classes upto 8 th standard. Similarly, Art, GK, MS, Computer Science, Library and PT periods are also included in the curriculum. A special attention for the Communicative English is given to the lower classes for which 4 Non-Malayalee teachers from Goa are specially appointed by the management. Two periods are allotted for each class for promoting Communicative English among the children. Besides Music, Yoga and Dance are also taught in the 1 st and 2 nd standards. Co-curricular activities such as Karate and Abacus are also there in the school. We celebrate our Cultural Fest every year in a grand and colourful manner. Students coming under different categories are given chances to participate in the CCA competitions both at school and Sahodaya level. Similarly, we have the Annual Sports Meet every year, where almost all the students participate in different events with their full sportsmanspirit. Also, every year, PHL Certificates and Trophies are awarded to students in all classes based on their academic performances.


Our broad curriculum seeks to provide opportunities for students to achieve excellence in curricular and co - curricular activities.It gives equal importance to scholastic and co - scholastic areas like art education Health and physical education and Yoga.Emphasize on co - curricular activities will help the students to promote like skills ,physical fitness,art integrated learning and to acquire the ability to utilize technology and information for the betterment of humankind.

Our secondary school curriculum include,

  1. Mathematics( We set a well equipped mathematics lab which help the students to understand the concept in mathematics easily)
  2. Science( through different activities and projects,improve their skills).
  3. Social Science( Social work and project work help the children to develop the ability to analyse and solve problems in life).
  4. English,Hindi and Malayalam( Various activities of language clubs with audio - visual facilities enable the children to communicate appropriately and effectively)
  5. In addition to major subjects,we are also giving opportunities to improve child's general knowledge and computer skill,inculcate social and moral values and maintain physical and mental fitness through Yoga,Art,Music and physical education training.

We offers following subject combination for our Senior Secondary section.
Science stream

  1. Mathematics( We set a well equipped mathematics lab which help the students to understand the concept in mathematics easily)
  2. Maths,physics,chemistry,Biology and English
  3. Maths,physics,chemistry,Computer science and English
  4. Hindi/Malayalam,Accountancy,Business studies,Economics and english